New Local Artist - One of the dopest DJ in town.

Jordan Wright also known as DM Wright has evolved into one of the most talented and creative D.J.’s in the Des Moines area.  While dance was his first love, touring with T-Pain and seeing how music can move people, sparked something inside of him.  This spark grew into a fire that fueled his passion for becoming a D.J.
DM Wright likes to mix old school with new school, but he also has a wide range of taste in music.  From Hip Hop to dance, he will move your body with his stylistic sound and hypnotizing beats.  His roots and foundations are in Hip Hop but he is inspired by music that moves him and the crowd.  DM Wright doesn’t just play songs and beats but he will take you on a journey and bring you to another world.  
DM Wright has a love for good music that descends through different genres and various types.  Like his various taste in music, he also loves to dance and experiments with producing as well.  He wants to be able to connect them all mixing each element, creating unique sounds, unforgettable atmospheres, and music that move through your body.
Here are some of his upcoming dates for shows and concerts! 
Wednesday April 20th PGHM @ Lawrence, KS
Thursday    April 21st @ Vaudville Mews W/ MAIDS
Friday         April 22nd  @ Freshen Up DMSC
Saturday     April 23rd - PGHM @ Dubuque, IA
Friday    April 29 PGHM @ Waterloo, IA
Saturday     April 30th PGHM @ Rock Island, IL
Thursday May 5th - Say What Poetry @ Streetcar 209
Saturday     May 7th - 2-4:30 Food Truck Throw down @ DMSC
Friday          May 20th PGHM @ Ames
Friday          May 27th - @ Freshen Up
Saturday     May 28th @ GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
Friday         June 10th PGHM @ Omaha
Fri/Sat        July 8th/9th @ 80/35 W/ Markaus & NAS
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DM Wright Fan page
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