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Check out the WINNING T-shirt design contest we held at Harding Middle School ⬇️   
We are so amazingly happy to be a part of something phenomenal!!

These cool shirts are NOW AVAILABLE for $20.00 each. Every penny counts thats why 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Harding Middle School. 😊

The funds raised will support every student having the unique opportunity to attend an arts experience field trip in the community each year.  The mission of Harding Middle School, a Turnaround Arts School, is to ensure a safe space where all students are afforded unique opportunities to learn and grow.

HELP us GIVE back to these kids so we can MOTIVATE them to nothing but greatness.

If you’re interested in supporting this great cause, please message us on our Facebook page (@made4mankind) or email us at made4mankind@yahoo.com.

A very special Thanks to Corbin Buttrey for donating his time and talent in helping create the final design for the winning t-shirt.  Contact him on Facebook (@corbinbuttrey) for any digital art needs, He is amazing! Thank you also to Cassie Kendzora for allowing us to have this opportunity. 

The "BE FEARLESS" T-shirts will be available at this event(s): 

March 9th - 6:00 pm @ Harding Theater Arts presents Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka, Jr. 

April 1st - Breakerz Battle (More info coming soon)

May 18th - Harding End of the Year Celebration (More info coming soon)

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History is made. Our very first collaboration. THE MOVEMENT! 

2017 is the year where we are going to focus on collaboration. For us collaborating with other businesses is the key to success. "Alone we are smart, Together we are brilliant", this quote reminds us that helping each other will make us better. This is just our 1st collaboration, we will have more. Stay tuned! 


Tees will be available at www.made4mankindclothing.com - COMING SOON!

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Thinking Big with Made4Mankind Clothing

Owners of Made4Mankind Clothing Aaron & Maria, was recently featured by a multimedia brand dedicated to providing diverse and captivating stories in the Midwest called Urban Plains. Journalist Alicia Kang and her media crew had the opportunity to sit down and get up close and personal with the founders. Check out the motivational interview below and don't forget to read the captivating article at 
 http://urban-plains.com/explore/made4mankind/ . Please share this article if you care. 
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The Meaning Behind The Name

After visiting the Philippine Islands and getting the chance to meet a very special person who has experienced adversity, loss, and hardship, left me feeling empty and helpless.  A feeling I couldn't let go and forget.  While talking to this amazing, kind hearted, and still surprisingly happy person, he mentions "I wish people knew that there is no one else to help us but each other."  This statement embedded on my mind and began the journey that has led us to the creation of MADE4MANKIND CLOTHING. 

Mankind is defined as "human beings considered collectively; the human race".  When a person is in need, goes without or perhaps have a dream, we the people have the power to give, help, and motivate each other.  This was the mission I wanted to create and pursue.  The name MADE4MANKIND CLOTHING was born.  

MADE4MANKIND CLOTHING is not only an online store or company that sells clothing and accessories.  We wanted a deeper connection with the people that bought our products.  The mission to GIVE to those without, HELP those in need, and MOTIVATE those that dream was the message we wanted to convey.  Our mission was clear and wanted those that bought our products to know that as MANKIND evolves we only have each other to depend/rely on.  The success and rise of the human race was dependent on us and only us, the people.  

We want to encourage our customers to remember our mission GIVE, HELP, MOTIVATE as it will be the standards we want MADE4MANKIND CLOTHING to live up to.  We want them to feel encouraged to GIVE,HELP, and MOTIVATE each other, after all a young mans simple wish that he hopes people knew that their is no one else to help us but each other grew into a movement all on its own.            

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