Made4Mankind Clothing is a Des Moines based clothing line that has a mission to promote positivity in the community, encourage diversity, and support self expression. The style and design of our clothing has a purpose to encourage conversation between people who normally would not talk to each other.  We use the simplicity of our clothing to send a message of accepting your body and feeling good about yourself.  We also have a mission to give back to the community & become an outlet for talented artists motivating them towards their dreams.
The meaning of our LOGO
Although our logo looks like a crown, there is more to it.
There are two letter "M"s that stand for the word Made and Mankind.
The four circles represent the number 4, making the name Made4Mankind.
And if you stand back, you will also see a community of people holding hands implying to help each other. 
Become part of a movement that has a mission to make a difference.
GIVE to those without, HELP those in need, and MOTIVATE those that dream.