DALLAS "TECHZ" (Producer/DJ)

1.) Tell us about yourself and your childhood?

I was born in California but I’ve lived in Iowa all my life, I played percussion in high school where I participated in the drum line, jazz band, and the pep band. I was also really involved with my school’s technology department where I would take coding classes and attend technology fairs. I’ve always loved music in general but I really started getting into EDM 6 years ago. I started producing about 2 1/2 years ago and I’ve been DJ-ing for a year. Looking back at my love of technology and music, a music producing career seems so obvious.

2.) Tell us about a challenging time in your life and what lessons you learned from it?

Definitely one of the most challenging times was when I started producing. I was going through a bit of depression, I was feeling very alone. I wasn’t really talking to my friends much. In those times I started producing on my laptop to occupy myself and forget the bad feelings. It made me happy, I was able to pull through those times, and now I’m about to release my first EP under the Techz Project. It all started there.

3.) What motivates you to follow and pursue your passion?

I’m motivated by the thought of creating a movement bigger than myself with my music. I believe everyone has a fire raging inside them, I’m just another guy trying to let mine shine.

4.) What advice would you give to the new up and coming artist?

It’s gonna be hard but it’s so worth it. For at least the first year of working on your craft, you’re going to make some bad stuff. It’s not gonna sound good at all. No one’s first stuff ever sounds good. Just keep pushing. You’ll get there. This goes for all art, not just music.

5.) Have you or how do you do you contribute to the community?

I try to be as helpful as I can to other artists. I do my best to listen to every track that’s sent to me and give feedback. On Facebook, I like to write 1-2 production tips a week to help spread knowledge. Feel free to add me on Facebook. I’d love to listen to new stuff!

6.) Who do you look up to besides your parents?

Nobody is perfect so I try to take bits and pieces from as many people as I can. Some people may laugh but honestly, the first EDM I was listening to in high school was Skrillex, Knife Party, and deadmau5 so I’ve always found inspiration from their styles. Lately, I’ve been exposing myself to more Latin sounds like Dillon Francis and Major Lazer, but those are just to name a few. I don’t just look up to musicians though, I also look up to entrepreneurs and other people who do a lot of behind the scenes work. You can learn something from everybody on this planet.

7.) What are your goals for the next 5 years?

I’d really love to start touring the U.S. very soon, I just played my first show outside of Iowa. Definitely, want to hit more music festivals in the region. I want to expand my reach to outside of the Midwest and make people all over the world feel the things I feel through my music.

8.) What is your motto in life?

"Just keep swimming. You’ll fail a few times,

you’ll encounter roadblocks and haters,

but just keep on going". -Techz

9.) How did you find out about Made4Mankind Clothing?

I found out about Made4Mankind Clothing through some friends that were wearing your guys’ stuff, then I saw your stuff on Facebook so I did some more investigation.

10.) What do you know about Made4Mankind Clothing?

You guys are the bomb.com in Des Moines! No one in Iowa makes dope clothes like you folks! Dad hats have always been my favorite!

11.) If you could do a collaboration with Made4Mankind Clothing, what kind of apparel would you choose and why? (T-shirt, Hat, Accessories, Etc.)

I’d love to get some hats and pins going :) People really do love em!

Instagram: @TECHZ_MUSIC
Contact info: techzmusicproductions@gmail.com
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