1.) Tell us about yourself and your childhood?

My name is Dominique Miller, I have been dancing since the age of 2 years old. My greatest inspiration for dance was Fred Astaire. He was an amazing actor-singer and Dancer. I'm very passionate about movies, music, and dance. They are my greatest treasures.

In 7th grade, I broke out of my shell and started sharing my talent with everyone.  I entered my middle school talent show and from then on I was hooked.  I joined the Bill Riley talent show at the Iowa State Fair when I was 14 and have done it until I was 22 years old.  I was always a semi-finalist that was good enough for me. I was happy to share my gift with the world, Iowa at least LOL.

I have also used my gift 4 God, he is the one who has truly blessed me with my gifts and talents.  I love to go to church and praise because dance is the best way that I can thank God.

2.) Tell us about a challenging time in your life and what lessons you learned from it?

There have been times in my life where I have made mistakes and it has affected the way I lived. I can honestly say that I've learned that you can't always trust people, you have to trust God.  God will get you through the tough times in your life. I had to learn the hard way, but after I decided 2 let go of my pride and just trust in him, my life then got better. I am not perfect, but I keep my trust in God, even though I like to party and have fun.  I always have to remind myself to stay humble and modest, because what has been given can be taken away.

3.) What motivates you to follow and pursue your passion?

I can honestly say movies, music, and the way other people move always motivates me.  It challenges me to go beyond what I'm used to doing. Movies always help me expand my imagination and it gives me ideas. Music, I connect with.  It allows me to express myself and my feelings through movement. When I watch another person dance, it I feel like I'm having a conversation with them through their movement.

4.) What advice would you give to the new up and coming artist?

Never be afraid to expose your gift to the world. There are going to be people who will like it and there are people who won't. It's a gift that you share with the world and remember it is precious.

5.) Have you or how do you do you contribute to the community?

I try to connect with as many artists because I know the struggle is real.  If we help each other we can all do what we love to do and make a living off of it. We have the opportunity to come together and do something big in Iowa.  There are so many gifted and talented people here in Des Moines.  There are music artist and dance performers who can join together and be amazing.

6.) Who do you look up to besides your parents?

I look up to my sister KreShawndra Davidson for she is a gifted and talented person. She is also a great mother of four beautiful children. She's positive and a great role model and she supports me in every way.

7.) What are your goals for the next 5 years?

My goals in 5 years are to audition for more competitions like America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, World of Dance, Red Bull BC One BBIC, and Yak. I also want to at least have 50k followers/subscribers on YouTube and earn a play button (which is basically a plaque you get from YouTube).  I would love to travel the world, get married, and have at least two kids.

8.) What is your motto in life?

"I know I Am Special Because God Don't Make No Junk."

9.) How did you find out about Made4Mankind Clothing?

Made4Mankind Clothing asked me to dance in their collaboration with Iowa sole.  Ever since then, I've done photo shoots and wear their awesome clothing. I fell in love with the brand so much I had to represent until the day I die.

10.) What do you know about Made4Mankind Clothing?

I know that Made4Mankind has great quality and very comfortable clothing. It has a mix of modern style but yet an urban flair. Their idea of the logo is out of this world. Made4Mankind is Made For All Mankind. The name itself speaks nothing but the truth, anybody can wear this brand and look great in it.

11.) If you could do a collaboration with Made4Mankind Clothing, what kind of apparel would you choose and why? (T-shirt, Hat, Accessories, Etc.)

Since I'm a dancer probably a tracksuit.



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