1.) Tell us about yourself and your childhood?

My name is Nova and I'm 24 years old. I was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. I'm the oldest of 5 but I pretty much grew up with my brother and cousins since my sisters were born a lot later than us. I’ve always been real boyish and outgoing, never really liked people or getting too personal. I've already said too much. 

2.) Tell us about a challenging time in your life and what lessons you learned from it?

My whole high-school career was a struggle. It taught me what I already knew. your parents are people too and people can be mean. 

3.) How or what started your passion?

No real answer. it just has always been something I wanted so I did it.

4.) What motivates you to follow and pursue your passion? 

Honestly, I cant say. I guess i just want to be happy and doing music does that for me. 

5.) What advice would you give to the new up and coming artist?

"Just do it. Don't hesitate, don't overthink. Just get out there and do it." - Nova

6.) What is the best advice would you give to your younger self?

Believe in yourself. You’re more worthy of your dreams than you know. 

7.) Have you or how do you do you contribute to the community?

I haven't done anything recently but in the past I have done a lot of volunteer work with youth. Donated Christmas gifts to families in need, back to school backpack drives, trunk or treat events for kids and things as such.

8.) Who do you look up to besides your parents?

I don't know honestly, I don't see anyone as free from flaws so I don't really aspire to be like anyone or look up to them. I'm the oldest of 5, I am used to being the role model not having one. A lot of people have given me hope though and make me feel like this s*** is still possible when I'm doubtful, like a Rico Nasty, Doja Cat, Ari Lennox, Summer Walker, Lucky Daye, Saint John and so on.

9.) What are your goals for the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I would like to quit my job and be doing music full time. Possibly have started my own charity of some sort and working on my next big move.

10.) What is your motto in life?

Move forward. Life is going to hand you lemons and will likely squeeze them in your face so keep going. Resilience is key.

11.) How did you find out about Made4Mankind Clothing?

A friend and artist, Entre Luche

12.) What do you know about Made4Mankind Clothing?

I know the people behind it are great. i know they have a lot of plans for the community and strive for greatness.

13.) Describe Made4Mankind Clothing in one word.






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