(Jimmy on the left, Ryan on the right)

1.) Tell us about each of you and your background?

Ryan: I am from Ankeny originally, moved to Downtown Des Moines when I was 21. I fell in love with downtown. After a few years of living downtown, I was relocated to Salt Lake City UT for work. I ended up back in Des Moines after a short year. It wasn’t until a few years after that when I fell into video basically as a hobby. I had met a good friend, Chris Lo about 3-4 years ago when he was starting his videography business at the time. He let me job shadow him for a while, and that’s when I decided to buy my own camera and some no-name editing software. After making a few videos on my own, Chris asked me if I would second shoot a couple of weddings with him. After helping him out, and learning a lot from him, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue video or not. That’s when Jimmy came to me and asked if I would start a media company with him. That is how ProVision Media was born.
I currently work for Wells Fargo as a Systems QA Analyst (Testing Code), and then once I clock out I am back in the office at home editing or out filming.

 (Ryan on the left,  Chris on the right)

Jimmy: I was born in San Jose, California and moved to Des Moines when I was very young. Des Moines has pretty much been home to me my whole life. Art in any form has always had a huge impact on who I am and the things I like to do. I had a huge passion for making music when I first met Ryan before we started Provision. It’s a funny story because, in a way, we met by mistake. At the time I was trying to make a music video for a song I produced. A lot of my friends were telling me about this guy named Ryan and how he was a beast behind the camera. I really needed the video made so when a friend offered me a chance to be introduced, I took that chance right away. Come to find out that there was more than one Ryan in town doing video and I had met the wrong one (lol). Anyways, I never ended up having our current Ryan help me produce that video, but I also wasn’t the most satisfied with the one that I ended up receiving. At the time I think I was also at a weird place in my life with music and wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do with it. I learned a TON about making videos with that first experience and it really interested me. I purchased myself a dinky little 4k video camera and after a few gigs came my way, I had a huge ambition to get the ball rolling a little faster. That’s when I approached Ryan. He already had his own Facebook page set up as Whitco Productions. He had maybe about 200 followers or so, and I figured it made more sense to try to team up with someone that already had a small foundation, rather than go at it completely from scratch. Ryan’s also one of the most genuine guys I’ve met, and I knew right away I could trust him. Through him, I met the homies at Made4ManKind. So, Ryan and I combined our resources and talents and created "ProVision Media". We work every day to refine our craft and learn to get better. I think we’ve really come a long way from then.

2.) Tell us about a challenging time that occurred within your group and what did all of you learn from it?

Ryan: Well we have been a company for almost a year now. We are always running into challenges. This is something that is ongoing if you will. But I think what keeps us from losing is the trust that we have in each other. I had only met Jimmy a handful of times before we started Provision Media… But I could tell what kind of person he was from the first time I met him. Now that it's been a year and I have spent about every day with this crazy dude. We have established a family bond. I guess what I learned from our trying times is that we can trust each other with our lives, and that includes the business.

Jimmy: I think one of our most challenging moments was when we took on our first wedding. We knew making wedding videos could bring us more income to help kick the business off. It took us a bit to figure out how to get started. Pricing was always a challenge and is something that we still experiment with today. Anyhow, a couple who received a referral from our good friend Asan reaches out to us and had mistakenly waited until the last moment to hire a videographer for their wedding. We ended up signing our first contract with them and within a week we would be filming our first wedding. We honestly also still hadn’t quite figured out all the kinks and details with our equipment either. Nonetheless, it was our first wedding video and we really wanted to make a big splash. Although the day itself couldn’t have felt like more of a nightmare. It was important to us to stand out from the local work and I think we nailed that in the final edit, but on our end behind the scenes, it was unorganized and a little bit all over the place. We even forgot to hit record on an extremely key moment in the day, which was a huge challenge for us at the time. We kind of lost it. Heads were a little low for a moment, but we quickly got back into gear and finished out the rest of the day strong. The edit was done within a few days and the video was a HIT. Tons of inquiries piled in. I think that we all learned a lot that first day and what we figured out most is that we needed to establish more specific roles for each other to lessen unnecessary work and congestion being created. Also, ALWAYS CHECK RECORD!

3.) What motivates your group to follow and pursue the passion for video?

Ryan: What motivates me to pursue video is all of it. I could sit at my desk job for 8 hours and come home and watch tv or I can create something. I have always been artistic since I was little, and growing up and getting a job and doing the “grown-up stuff”, I lost that vision. I happened to come across a video by accident and started it as a hobby, and now here we are. What I love most about creating video content are the reactions. It's like any other form of art. Being able to take a vision, and bring it to life, and then seeing the reactions from everyone. I LOVE IT!

Jimmy: Filming and making videos was never something I had ever planned for. I was never even really into photography as a kid. I worked at MetLife as an Annuity Research Rep for a while and quickly figured out that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. The pay was great, but it just wasn’t me and I was so uncomfortable not having the time to be myself. So, I saved up some money and gathered up the courage to quit that job and go on a soul search. I did a lot of odd jobs during this period of my life, and sometimes it was tough to make ends meet. I really had to trust in my faith that if I was pursuing what I really wanted, everything would work out, and it did. It was like every step of the way as soon as things got hard and I started to question myself and whether I was doing the right thing, life would give me a nudge I needed towards this path. Long story short, when I started making videos I started realizing more of life’s joys and its amazing experiences that seemed to be fleeting from my perception previously. The feedback and support from those who viewed my work motivated me, even more, to keep pushing and pursuing. Some of the best things in life are unexpected and this dream kind of fell upon me. I’m very excited to see where I can take it and the places it will take me.

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4.) What advice would your group give to a new up and coming artist?

Ryan: Don’t stop. You will run into roadblocks, but those blocks aren’t forever. Remember why you started doing what you are doing. Your art is a passion and you started it because you wanted to. Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from doing what you want to do.

Jimmy: My advice for anyone starting out in any craft or endeavor they feel compelled to pursue, would be to hold value and stand strong with your convictions. Be confident in what you know, and what you plan to accomplish, but still be open-minded to the process. The journey is a constantly growing and changing but if you have confidence in your beliefs and can keep an open mind you will achieve what you’re looking for.

5.) How does your group contribute to the community?

Ryan: So right now, we are the lead video crew for a new fashion show taking place early next year. The fashion show is partnering with Dorothy’s House in hopes that we can raise awareness for sex trafficking. All proceeds will be going to charitable organizations. We believe this issue does not get enough attention to how severe it is. We will be working with House of DSM to make sure their vision of helping spread awareness comes to light.

Jimmy: I think Ryan covered some of the work we are doing with House of DSM. Getting involved with our community is definitely something we want to do more of in the future and I think the video has become a perfect platform to help us do that.

Since starting the business one of the best things that I’ve learned is that the more you give the more you will receive, and that work is done for money is never as satisfying as work done for love.

6.) Who do you all look up to besides your parents?

Ryan: I don’t really have any that I look up to per say. I look at the people I have in my life and I make sure these people are people who will always be encouraging of my dreams and ambitions. I will do the same for those people as well.

(Photo credit: @dannydoespix)

Jimmy: I really admire and respect those who have the courage to live life the way they want to and remain true to themselves, despite the constant pressures of capitalism and society. Artists, poets, creatives, dreamers, entrepreneurs alike. It takes grit and determination to take the path less traveled and I think it deserves respect.

7.) Where do you see your group in the next 5 years?

Ryan: We have a few plans in place, and if everything plays out, I see us being a large production company covering multiple events. We have talked about scripting a short film. But I think right now we are still working on the structure of the business to make sure we can get to that point

Jimmy: That’s honestly a great question. The way things have been progressing not only with us but advancements in imaging technology in general, the possibilities are endless. I’m just glad we got started as soon as we did. I just know we have a plethora of aspirations that need to get crossed off the bucket list so I’m hoping checking some of those off will lead us into some pretty cool places.

8.) What is your groups' motto in life?

"Don’t take no for an answer. If you see something you want, go get it. If you don’t, someone else will. Be true to yourself and your intentions. Be unshakable and stand your ground."

-Ryan & Jimmy, Provision Media

9.) How did your group find out about made4mankind clothing?

Ryan: Well I was around the Des Moines Social Club a lot about 3 years ago. I had known Asan (Des Moines B-boy Artist) and noticed he was wearing this pretty cool looking hat and shirt. The logo stood out to me. I was literally just getting into video. I decided to do a short car video for a friend. I thought to myself, I should have A-San dance at the end of the video and have him wearing the hat. I followed through with the video and posted it on facebook and tagged A-San. I got a message from Aaron not too long after saying the video was awesome, and that we needed to collaborate. I didn’t know they had just started their clothing line as well. So it all just fell into place.

Jimmy: I’ve seen the brand around everywhere honestly. It wasn’t until I met Ryan and started doing some work with him that I was blessed to meet my people at M4MC. It’s been family ever since.
10.) What do you all know about Made4Mankind Clothing?

Ryan: Made4Mankind represent so much more than clothes. This is a brand that is a true lifestyle. What they represent is unity, they represent a community and bringing the community together. Aaron and MJ are two of the most genuine people that I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Jimmy: Ever since I met MJ and Aaron I’ve always felt like they were on my team looking out for us. When I think of Made4Mankind that’s pretty much what I feel. That we are all on this earth and on the same team. They’ve always preached to me Collaboration over Competition and it still resonates with me all the time. Even the M4MC logo itself is a testament to community and development through helping others. Go look! It took me a couple times to realize.

11.) If your group could do a collaboration with made4mankind clothing, what kind of clothing apparel would you choose and why?

Ryan: All of it. I think for our line of business we would like to collaborate with more of made4mankind's artists to really show what made4mankind is.

Jimmy: Well, we definitely need some Provision Media threads ASAP!



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