"Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating new music, sound effects, mixes, and other creative sounds and beats, typically by using two or more turntables and across fader-equipped DJ mixer."

1.) Tell us about yourself and your childhood?

I grew up in a happy normal midwestern home and lived with both my parents and my younger sister. I played outdoors a lot with the other kids in town. I was into music and sports all through my schooling and went to a small enough school that I was able to do both. I graduated from Ballard High School and then attended a bit of college at Minnesota State. I tried a few “career paths” before my current one, I had a few ideas I thought would make a difference. After trying and hitting dead ends in a few places, I learned I was wrong and continue to look for what it was I truly wanted. That’s when I married my wife, Jacy Leopold, and since then we’ve been busy. I’m now with three children (Skyelynn 9, Aldo 6, Luna 3) and we live in the Beaverdale neighborhood. Jacy and I operate our business a few blocks away in what we call “THE HOL” or House of Leopold. I currently operate, in very short, an audio and graphic design company (check out I also pursue my passion of turntablism and DJ as often and in as many different places as I can.

2.) Tell us about a challenging time in your life and what lessons you learned from it?

It's hard to point to a particular incident and say it had any more impact than another but in the best way, I know how when bad happens, I try to understand that this how it should be and to just watch. I have a story that I often read that helps me remember I don’t know good from bad. It’s the story of a farmer and his horse. One day his horse runs away. And his neighbor comes over and says, to commiserate, “I’m so sorry about your horse.” And the farmer says “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?” The neighbor is confused because this is clearly terrible. The horse is the most valuable thing he owns. But the horse comes back the next day and he brings with him 12 feral horses. The neighbor comes back over to celebrate, “Congratulations on your great fortune!” And the farmer replies again: “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?” And the next day the farmer’s son is taming one of the wild horses and he’s thrown and breaks his leg. The neighbor comes back over, “I’m so sorry about your son.” The farmer repeats: “Who Knows What’s Good or Bad?” Sure enough, the next day the army comes through their village and is conscripting able-bodied young men to go and fight in the war, but the son is spared because of his broken leg. And this story can go on and on like that. Good or Bad, Who knows.

3.) What motivates you to follow and pursue your passion?

I feel like I am doing exactly what I want. So for me, I know if I stopped it might be easier “doing” for a minute, but that the good won't be so good in a few more minutes if that's the course I chose. I live to experience the highest experience I can manifest for my sake, for my family’s sake, and for the sake of all those I get to interact with. I know that it is the best good I can “do”.

4.) What advice would you give to the new up and coming artist?

"I am happy you found a passion and expression for you! Do not let your feelings make your thoughts on your abilities or desire to continue, push through. I think the best thing you can do is enjoy it, but in the times that are tough, it is important to at least do what it is a little each day. The consistency alone does something."


5.) What is the best advice would you give to your younger self?

I am very happy with what my experience is today and my perception of it. I would never change a thing. I would tell my younger self to not worry, just to make it easier.

6.) Have you or how do you do you contribute to the community?

I feel like I have and I do. I feel like I do my best to be as unselfish with my energy as possible. I try to assume that most things that are asked, presented or allotted to me or for me to grow and share in my experience. To name some of the things I feel I give the most it would be, advice and caring to my family and friends, energy and space to help plan and manifest dreams, super rad awesome music shows and raves. 

7.) Who do you look up to besides your parents?

Everyone in my life teaches me so much! I would say the person I would like to point to would be my wife Jacy. She is my best teammate and I know that almost every choice I have made most of my life was influenced by her. I love my life, and I love her and everything she does. I know that being the good she sees will bring the best world I can bring. “Looking up” to her feels like an understatement. ;)

8.) What are your goals for the next 5 years?

I hope to keep doing a lot of the same things I do today, maybe just on a higher level and more organized way. I am sure with practice I will get better and my opportunities will grow. And I hope deeply to impact those around me. I would love to see all my family and friends as happy as they can be.

9.) What is your motto in life?

If it feels bad, don’t do it. -Maktub

10.) How did you find out about Made4Mankind Clothing?

M4MC caught my attention when they released their “Class of 2017”. I knew many of the artists they had involved.

11.) What do you know about Made4Mankind Clothing?

The logo is 4 people holding hands but looks like a crown. I know the energy it gives and receives is “For the City”.

12.) Describe Made4Mankind Clothing in one word.

"PASHION" (Passion + Fashion)





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