Pole Fitness is an extension of pole dancing that uses the pole to its maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment.  It works the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength.

1.) Tell us about yourself and your childhood?

I’m Wendy, 25. I was adopted as a baby in foster care and grew up in Northwest Iowa on a farm. I’ve always been a mixture of being outgoing, quiet, antisocial, loud. I’M ALL OVER THE PLACE! Growing up on a farm taught me the meaning of working hard, doing what I can with what I already have, and being appreciative.

2.) Tell us about a challenging time in your life and what lessons you learned from it?

Building my business has been extremely challenging. Between finding new studio space to making sure I file taxes correctly; this business lifestyle isn’t easy! Trust me! Stay patient and trust this process if you are chasing your dreams.

3.) How or what started your passion?

I’ve been a dancer since I was 2, it’s been running in my veins my whole life. Always saw myself as some form of a dance teacher, just never imagined it would be in the pole dance industry.

4.) What motivates you to follow and pursue your passion?

I set high standards for myself and when I want something, I don’t really stop until it’s mine.

5.) What advice would you give to the new up and coming artist?

Put yourself out there. Trust your art. You won’t be for everyone, know that’s okay.

6.) What is the best advice would you give to your younger self?

Trust yourself. Don’t let the opinions of sheep keep you from being your true self.

7.) Have you or how do you do you contribute to the community?

My business allows all people to come to my safe space and explore themselves deeper not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

8.) Who do you look up to besides your parents?

Hmmm, that’s hard. Some of my friends who also run businesses inspire me to push myself harder. They’re there for me when I have questions, stressed or not sure what to do next. It’s nice to surround yourself with people who have what you want or have the same mindset.

9.) What are your goals for the next 5 years?

Next  5 years I want to be done with any unnecessary side hustles, and own my own pole dance & intimacy coaching studio. I want to travel my Pole & Empowerment workshop all over the world.

10.) What is your motto in life?
"Life is hard. But living a life that isn’t bringing you joy & authentically you is harder."
11.) How did you find out about Made4Mankind Clothing?

I’ve been connected with you guys for almost 3 years! Started as a model for the website and grew into a great friendship.

12.) What do you know about Made4Mankind Clothing?

Everyone in Des Moines loves Made4Mankind. It’s a staple piece of the community for many people. The clothing is one of a kind and anyone can rock it.

13.) Describe Made4Mankind Clothing in one word.




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